Pico Pico Cafe  吉祥寺

CAFE: Sat&Sun 3pm~10pm

Join us for Picotachi#29 this Saturday (November 21st) from 8pm~

If you'd like to show something you're working on (tiny, unfinished or experimental projects welcome), check out this page for more information.

Also this weekend there is a PICO-8 Jam happening! Starting from Saturday at 4pm and running until 4pm on the 30th, PICO-8 users are invited to make a cartridge aligned with a theme that will be announced at the start of the jam. Check out the PICO-8 cart invite and rules here! The cafe will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 3pm if you'd like to jam with on-site PICO-8 support. ( ^ _ ^)b


吉祥寺 レンタルスペースPico Pico Cafe

吉祥寺 レンタルスペースPico Pico Cafe